Beer Knot
How to tie The Beer Knot

beerknot First steal a peice of 1 inch tubular webbing from your partner.
Loosely tie an overhand knot in the middle.
beerknot Open one end of the webbing.
Fold the other end in half and start feeding it inside.

NOTE: This erotic picture is from a completed Beer Knot.
beerknot Stuff about 12-14 inches in there.

NOTE: That's an 18 inch ruler pictured. Just to ***k with you.
beerknot Work the ovehand knot up to the middle of the "stuffed" section.
beerknot Tighten with body weight and look at your work.
If it looks like this, you've succeded.

Beer Knot Thread on rec.climbing

This display is presented for educational purposes only.

Never climb anything. It's dangerous.


Nathan Sweet put this together in spare moments of his pointless life.

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